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Trans pessimissim


Trans pessimissim

Trans Pessimism is an idea that has been kicking around in my head for a long time. A sort of method of viewing life through a lenses that views the world as inherntly hostile to trans people, and that we as trans people have to work to make this society work for us. I will add more as I refine it more.

Ideas and Philosphies that Transpessimism borrows from

  • Gender Accelerationism
  • Xeno-Feminism
  • absurdism
  • Posadist-esque disasterism
  • sex positivity
  • illigalism
  • anti biological family structures
  • collectivism

  • Pessimism is not Nihilism

    An important distinction

    Nihilismm generally is an additude that proposes that we as people can give up on the world at large,that life is meaningless. Pessimism, particulary in the context of trans pessimism, is the idea that there is a better world that is possible but that it is generally inaccesable. TP claims that life is full of meaning,conflicting meanings and that for Trans* people these meaningful lives are unreachable. TP does not belive that we should give up, TP says change the world for trans people, make a new world in our image. Making a world for trans people is the main goal of TP

    Why Pessimism?

    Pessimism seems like an idea that embraces the negative. Pessimism is defined as "a tendency to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen; a lack of hope or confidence in the future."This idea of seeing the worst in things would be illogical for a non-marginlized person but, for marginilized groups it becomes a logical way to view the world, safety is found in knowing the dangers of the world. For trans people (and others) the danger of the world is the world.